It seems that lately my faith has been brought up in small ways.  I never really look for opportunities, but when God presents them, you should be ready.  Fortunately, I am.  I never realized how adamantly I felt about my faith and how much it means to me until I vocalized it.  I’m not ashamed or afraid of what anybody thinks, because you know what?  No matter what happens in my life, no matter what any particular person thinks, I love the Lord, He loves me and that’s the one thing in my life that no one can take away.  I know I’m not a model Christian, I don’t go to church like I should, and I’m not perfect, but I am saved by grace and nothing will change that.  I can express myself confidently, with joy and happiness, and without being overbearing.  I will not debate my faith with anyone; not because I’m afraid they’ll sway it or anything, but because I am that strong in it and it infuriates me for anyone to simply want to debate religion for the sake of an argument. So there!

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