My Blood Runneth Orange…

So what in the world does that mean? Well, here’s what it means to me: 

  1. I loved the Clemson Tigers BEFORE I went to college there and well before they won the 1981 National Championship.
  2. Orange looks good on everyone!
  3. I got up at 6:00 a.m. the morning of the 1983 Clemson-Maryland football to help blow up 363,279 balloons and help set a Guiness Book of World Records.
  4. I’ve traveled to UGA, UNC, Virginia Tech, GA Tech and FSU to see the Tigers play.
  5. I’ve been to at least one Bowl game.
  6. I watch or listen to EVERY Tiger football game.
  7. I ALWAYS wear orange on game day.
  8. I’ve tailgated without being at a football game.
  9. I’ve camped out overnight at the Library for tickets to the game.
  10. I always make sure there’s at least one orange food when tailgating.
  11. I know the Clemson Alma Mater by heart.
  12. I know who the Kudzu Kids are.
  13. I live near Lilburn, GA and I get LIVID every time I see a Parkview High School bumper sticker…they TOTALLY steal and use THE Clemson Tiger Paw!
  14. I’ve been to the Nick’s, Tigertown, movies at the Y, First Friday Parade, and pep rallies at the Amphitheater.
  15. I remember when Tigerama was in Death Valley and you could buy corndogs and hot chocolate on Bowman Field. 😦
  16. I remember the $1 movies at the Astro and Chanelo’s.
  17. I know when to go “Ooooh” and when to go “Aaaah!”
  18. I know that Clemson is pronounced with a “p!”
  19. I look GOOD in orange and purple!
  20. I know that neither Herschel Walker nor George Rogers made it into the Clemson endzone!
  21. I’ve either partied or lived in Lever Hall, Johnstone, Sanders Hall and Manning Hall.
  22. I’ve eaten in Schilletter, Harcombe and Clemson House, and have been to midnight breakfast during exams.
  23. I grew up in the shadow of Death Valley, attended Clemson for four years and worked there for 12 years.  I’d still be there if I hadn’t gotten married and moved to Atlanta.
  24. Even though I live in Georgia, I have a Clemson license plate (courtesy of the efforts of the Atlanta Clemson Club!).
  25. I remember when the drinking age was 18 and there was actually a bar ON campus, run by the university! (Not kidding!)
  26. I watched the North Upper Deck being built when I was in college.
  27. I MUCH prefer to sit in the South Stands of Death Valley!
  28. I made life-long friends while at Clemson and wouldn’t trade them for a million dollars!
  29. During football season my cell phone ringback tone is “Tiger Rag.”
  30. I know where “The Pit” is on campus.
  31. Win or lose, I love my Tigers!

More to be added as time goes on!  If you have others to add, let me know! 🙂

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