A Blight on Atlanta…Yes, I’m talking about Michael Vick! (written August 18, 2007)

After reading Jay Busbee’s article on Michael Vick in Atlanta Magazine, I felt compelled to give my own view on this. What I’m not going to do is rant about what a blight on Atlanta I think Michael Vick has become. What I will do is pose this question: Instead of the local news spending literally 40 minutes out of an hour broadcast on Michael Vick, how about giving us someone who really SHOULD be in the news. Hmmm…maybe someone like Warrick Dunn? Someone who spends his time doing good for society and the community? Like forming a foundation that helps single mothers in owning their first homes by providing the down payment on a house, and oh, actually not getting himself in the papers for anything bad. And being a role model for young kids.

And maybe someone like Ray Ray McElrathbey of my beloved Clemson Tigers (who unfortunately is out for the season now with a torn ACL!)? As a freshman at Clemson he not only took on the task of playing Tiger football while in college, but gained custody of his 11-year old brother Fahmarr and is a single parent to him. The NCAA actually granted him an exemption to the extra-benefits rule so that the Clemson coaches’ families could help him out with Fahmarr’s travel to school and other basic needs. I recently saw him spotlighted on a TV show about football in the South, and in addition to doing all of the above, he works construction and seems to have a pretty good GPA. Wow…I bet you’ve never even heard of him, huh?

Just take a minute and think about those athletes who are doing something actually worthy of the news, and not those who just want to be ON the news.

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