A Letter to My Family – Christmas 2002

Written during the holiday season of 2002 after my brother Alan’s accident:

December 3, 2002

To My Family,

It’s December 3rd and I just came in from work. In the hustle and bustle of the season, especially here in Atlanta, I usually arrive home in a dither and ready to just flop. But tonight, I’m at the computer because I wanted to share this with you.

Today was a typical day at work for me and I was ready to get home. On the way though, I decided to stop and get something to wear for the company Christmas party this Friday night. Then it happened…I got stuck in going home from work, in Atlanta, at Christmastime traffic. Good grief! So, to at least enjoy the music and try to get myself in the mood, I popped in one of my favorite Christmas CD’s, “Let There Be Peace On Earth” by Vince Gill. I’ve had it for years and I love it. Anyway, as I’m driving, the last song comes on. It’s a song Vince wrote after his big brother, Bob, passed away.

As I listened, the words hit home. We all came very close to this being a very different Christmas and holiday season this year. I am thankful that we were spared. As I hear all the radio stations giving away toys and money to help those less fortunate than most of us, I realize that I am rich beyond compare when it comes to family. You all were there for those weeks in Knoxville and in Atlanta. I cannot imagine going through all that without you and hope that you all know how much you are appreciated.

The lyrics to Vince’s song are below and I hope that they make you all realize how much we have to be thankful for this year. My whole family, but somehow especially my brother and sister, mean more to me every day that goes by.

It Won’t Be The Same This Year
by Vince Gill

It’s time to pack our bags and hit the highway,
and head on out for Christmas holiday,
I’ll fall apart when I pull in the driveway,
it’s my first time home since brother passed away,
His favorite time of year was always Christmas,
we’ll reminisce about the days gone by,
oh how I wish that he was still here with us,
my memories with him will never die.

But when the stockings are hung,
and silent night has been sung,
and Christmas is finally here,
It won’t be the same this year,

Losing my big brother hurt so badly,
it’s help me learn what Christmas really means,
there’s nothing more important then your family,
we’re all the children of the king of kings.

I hope that this Christmas you all share fond memories with each other and that some of them include Jane, Alan and I. I have many and intend to savor them even more this year.

Merry Christmas!

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