The Unfairness of Menopause

Ok, so I’m actually too young for full menopause, but because of problems I’m having, the doctor has given me shot to shut my remaining ovary down to try and help the pain I’ve been in without removing the ovary. So, here I sit, enjoying the full benefits of chemically induced menopause. It’s really a lovely thing. I get to experience night sweats, cold spells, wake up 4 times a night, feel depressed, have no energy and really just totally not be myself. I get MAD at the slightest, stupidest things. I know it’s not the other people, it’s me and what I’m going through, so I tend to be quieter than normal.

Here’s my point…women get the wonderful experience of having a period and giving birth. Do we then have to experience menopause too? What’s with that? Please, tell me, what is fair about that? Men do not have a CLUE in this world about what we go through. Oh sure, they have to be there with us and experience the wrath, the tears, the not sleeping, whatever…but they are not in our bodies. Is there anything at all like this that they go through. I would argue no, not in a million years. Now, realistically and rationally, I understand Adam & Eve and all that. But I’m beginning to wonder if God didn’t dole out a little more than our share to us and skip the men altogether!

Maybe I will only have to deal with these a few months and will get my hormones back for a few more years. Maybe I won’t and I’ll have to have this ovary out. Regardless, I’m just not happy about it. I’d rather have my cycle til I die than deal with this. I’m crazy enough without this added to my plate!

Sidenote: September 27 – Just to clarify, after getting my second shot, the doctor has taken me off the “add-back” hormones that he put me on to help with night sweats, etc. Evidently he thinks the hormones could be causing the moodiness and depression. I am feeling a little better, so perhaps the severe rant above was a result of the hormones and not the shots I’m getting. Either way…women still have to deal with more than men, right?

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