Taking it for granted

I had a bit of a moment on the way home today. I get off early on Fridays and I was going to go vote early. As I got on the expressway between where I work and home, I didn’t get very far before on the other side of the road I saw about 10 flashing blue lights. No traffic. No other vehicles around. I couldn’t figure out the problem, but there were cops standing all in the road. Traffic slowed, and as I came upon the scene there was a motorcycle in the middle of the lanes. Looked like what most people would call a “crotch rocket.” And then I saw the problem. The white sheet in the grass between the road and the guard rail. As I slowly drove by, I could see the person’s feet at the end of the sheet, towards the road. I later found out that the gentleman’s name was Lloyd Daniels, 36, of Lawrenceville. My prayers are with his family and friends.

I’m sure he didn’t start down the road thinking it would be the last time he rode his motorcycle. As we all moved on down the road, I think everyone else on the road had a moment too. We all picked up speed, but not to the normal 60-70 mph on this 50 mph road. I would consider it sedate, if you can consider driving sedate. I picked up the phone, called my husband at work and left him a message that I loved him.

Why does it take something this jarring and startling for us to realize how lucky we are? How loved we are? How good we really have it? Have you ever stopped to consider that even if you look at the very worst thing about your life…whether it be depression, debt, loneliness, physical problems, you name it, there is always, always someone out there in worse condition than you are.

I take for granted every day that I have a roof over my head. Instead, I complain that this or that needs fixing or cleaning or I need to add something. I take for granted every day that I can get in my car and drive back and forth to work or wherever else I want to go. I take for granted every day that my husband will be home when I get there. I take for granted every day that my family loves me and is there for me. I take for granted every day that I can stop by the store and get whatever I need. I take for granted every day that no one will stop me from doing just about anything (within the law) that I want to do.

Perhaps instead of taking my whole life for granted, I should be thankful that I have it and everything and everyone in it, and actually say it out loud…and not just when I see something horrible happen to someone else on the side of the road.

What do you take for granted?

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