Perception vs. Reality

So, I’ve been thinking that I have turned into a royal b-i-t-c-h since I started hormone shots that threw me into instant chemical menopause. So that’s my perception. My wonderful husband tonight told me that he thought I was handling it extremely well considering I was facing the fact that I could be looking at a lifetime of chronic pain, no way to fix it and if there is a way, it means facing full on, open abdominal surgery. What kind of choices are those?

The point here is…my perception is in my head; the reality is what others see…at least for them. My perception is my reality and so forth and so forth. It’s a back and forth and “he feels, I feel, you feel, they feel” that is a viscious circle. It’s the same argument/discussion about “What is normal?” that I did as a psychology paper in college. What is normal? It’s different for everyone; there is no universal “normal.” If there were, we’d be all the same and the world would be boring, boring, boring…right!?

So, whether I’m a bitch or not is irrelevant; I am to some, I’m not to others. Sometimes I am to myself, sometimes I’m not. If I’m a bitch at times, maybe I need to be. If I’m not, then being nice is ok. I’m ok; I really am.

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