Five Things About Me…

So, I got this idea from another blog…below are five (actually more!) things most people won’t know about me (I’ll add more as I think of them!):

  1. When I was little, my family nicknamed me “Little Lulu” after the cartoon character.  I was just like her: mischievious, dark hair with curls and “in and outta trouble.”
  2. When I was a pre-teen, I was totally and completely enamoured with The Osmonds (especially Donny) and the Bay City Rollers.  I skipped school to watch the Rollers on The Dinah Shore Show and got in lots of trouble.  I wore purple socks all the time in honor of Donny Osmond.  I cried when I didn’t get to go to The Osmonds concert in Greenville, SC!
  3. I have a horrible shoe, purse and underwear obsession.  I have more underwear than I’ll ever need, and I recently got rid of enough purses and shoes for a small army.  I donated them to Goodwill.
  4. Since I was a child, I’ve loved tomatoes.  My favorite way to eat them (but only good, fresh ones) are chopped up over white rice with a little salt & pepper.
  5. I never drank alcohol of any kind until the summer after I graduated high school…honest!  No fooling, no lie.  I think my first actual drink was a strawberry dacquiri.
  6. I was so self conscious about my weight when I was younger that I didn’t wear shorts from the age of about 13 to 19.
  7. I watch the CBS show “Sunday Morning” every Sunday (or when I get around to it from the DVR), but I CANNOT stand to hear the intro music (trumpet).  It just drives me nuts!

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