Sitting at home during the holidays

December 8 (Day 4): So, here I sit at home for 4 weeks.  Yes, 4 weeks.  Surgery was 4 days ago, and I have 4 weeks til I go back to work part time.  Sure, it made sense to do the surgery now while it’s slower at work and the holidays are here and I have time off anyway.  4 weeks is still 4 weeks.  I’m so, so glad to have the surgery over with…that really sucks.  Especially this time since I got really sick the day after.  They are always making sure you don’t get sick after surgery…I did.  Not fun.  Not nice.  Not anything good about that.  Everything was going along wonderfully, so much so that I should have known it was too good to be true.  All the nurses were astonished that I was so chipper and doing so well less than 24 hours after coming out of surgery.  They were right; I wasn’t.  I got a killer migraine and then threw up twice.  Throwing up after having your gut cut open is not a good thing, let me tell you.  The fortunate thing is that you don’t have anything on your stomach to throw up so you can only do so much.  We attributed it to the anesthesia working it’s way out of my system along with the killer migraine.

December 11 (Day 7): Still at home.  Had a detour to the doctor yesterday, but that was totally (we think) unrelated to surgery.  Just one of those female things!  🙂  I’ve been working a little, just trying to answer questions for folks at work who are taking over for me.  They have done a wonderful job; I haven’t worried at all about anything.

December 13, a.m. (Day 9): So, the biggest problem I’m having is that I feel like I’m further along in the recovery process than I am.  Blame it on glue instead of staples, a 1-hour surgery instead of the 2 1/2-hours I’ve experienced every other time, whatever.  I still had my gut cut open and my body has to heal; I have to stop myself from grabbing the laundry basket and going downstairs.  That, while productive, would not help my recovery at all.  I told someone I was doing some Christmas shopping today and then going to my husband’s office Christmas brunch tomorrow and they freaked out…said it was WAY too much this soon.  I guess I’ll find out.  I have to recover mentally too, remember!?  And sitting in this house all the time is not helping.  I tend to have “holiday blues” as I call them, so even a couple of hours out of the house will help.  Yeah me!

December 13, p.m. (Day 9): So, off we went, shopping.  Put a big dent in what is left to be done, and then had Mexican for lunch. I was sore and worn out by the time we stopped; only 3 hours!  But I took a nice nap and am relaxing in front of the TV doing my Christmas cards.  I really am trying to stay in good spirits, but with no hormones, being on the patch, and coming off pain killers, it’s very up and down.  I’m just so “blah.”  Will it get better?  Sure it will.  At this point though all I can think is that I want my normal life back.  I’m in menopause now; will it ever be “normal” again?

December 17 (Day 13) : So, I’m still here, albeit with at least three complications this week from surgery. I’ve had to call into my poor doctor every day this week.  I’m very frustrated.  Nothing it serious, nothing life threatening, but all extremely irritating and aggrevating, both physically and mentally.  Good grief!  Am I being taught a life lesson again?  I’m not very good at catching on to what God might be trying to tell me quickly.  I know that things could be SO much worse in my life.  I really have it good compared to a lot of people in this world.  I really, really know that.  I’m sure there’s something I don’t know though or more likely, that I take for granted.  I’ll have to think about it and see what I’m trying to be shown.

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