Regrets, I have a few…

Regrets; I have a few:

I regret not keeping up with my piano lessons.  I took piano for about two years when I was younger and was pretty good at it.  I’m glad I took piano, but I wish could still play.

Next?  I regret not visiting my sister, brother-in-law and niece when they lived in Alaska.  What a great opportunity and I never took advantage of it!

Next on the list…it’s not really a regret because I wasn’t asked or invited, but it sort of goes hand-in-hand with the Alaska thing.  I wish I had been there for my niece Lauren’s birth.  I didn’t know that I would wish I had been there until I was at the birth of my best friend’s daughter.  How amazing and what a miracle!  And since I’m not having children of my own, it was a wonderful experience, but I wish I had had the opportunity to be there to support and share it with my little sis.

I wish I had met Scott sooner.  I know that it was totally God’s plan that we meet when we did, but I feel a little cheated at not having him longer.  I love him dearly and wish I had found him a little sooner so we could have shared more anniversaries, vacations, etc.

And my biggest regret? Not finishing college.  Looking back there was a lot going on in my life then, and I probably did the best a 21-year old in my situation could do, but I really wish I had figured out a way to finish.  Not to say that I couldn’t finish now…right?  My boss keeps pushing me, but I just can’t see how to fit that in!

Just a few thoughts, rambling in my head.  What brought these musings on?  Visiting Panama City and realizing how very much I’ve missed my sister and her family all these years.  Thankfully God has kept us close even though they lived 5,000 miles away.  God is good.  But it just got me to thinking about how thankful I am that they are back in the lower 48 within a day’s drive.  I now get to see them several times a year, which is awesome.  God always knows what he’s doing, and bringing them back here gave them the support they needed the past year during Lauren’s recooperation from a bad accident. 

We visit them in Panama City, the “Redneck Riviera,” Spring Break capital of the world and we could care less.  We just enjoy time with each other, eat lots of good food (mostly at home), drink lots of margaritas and play in the pool.  We don’t even need Panama City…that’s just where they live.

And Scott & I just live in Atlanta.  The bane of my existence.  I really, really feel like a fish out of water here.  I’ve found my little niche, I have my job and I have my wonderful husband, but I can in no way, shape or form see myself living the rest of my life here.  I honestly feel like every day here takes time off my life with the stress of just “being” here. 

But all that said, I am ever so thankful for what I have…much more than most, and I realize it every day in some small way.

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