Woman’s Intuition?

Today I just walked 1.6 miles at Bethesda Park. It was really cold and I have a cold. I was so determined to walk at least two loops, 3 miles. I haven’t walked since Tuesday, and I really wanted a good walk in today. But after I got out on the cold trail, I was pretty much the only one there. Something just told me to do one loop and let that be it. So I did. I have pepper spray and I’m sure I would have been fine, but…well, I try to follow my intuition. After I got back to the car I drove up to the softball fields because I wanted to see where we are having our fundraiser in two weeks. I pulled through one of the empty parking lots, but it wasn’t empty. There was an old beat up, but souped up car with a rusty tailfin sitting in the middle of the lot. As I pulled through, it raced off with two guys in it. Maybe nothing, maybe, well, just women’s intution?

2 thoughts on “Woman’s Intuition?

  1. I’m with you on that honey, Women call it Intuition, guys just call it paranoia, either way its best to be cautious!

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