Hit & Run…I Think NOT!

I was involved in something this week that I never thought would happen to me, a hit & run accident.  First, let me say that I am fine, not a scratch or bruise on me.  I am, however, livid at the man who hit me!  I had just left work and was about to make a right-hand turn onto the major road near our office.  A large, dark blue sedan came out of a parking lot on my left, making a left-hand turn into traffic.  I could tell that he wasn’t going to stop; either he didn’t see me or wasn’t paying attention, I don’t know.  If I had slammed on brakes, he would have definitely hit me in the driver’s side front door.  I sped up as much as I could (there was a car in front of me), but he still hit me in the driver’s side back door, sort of like a side-swipe. 


Great…so the guy is now behind me.  I figured we’d just pull into the TGIFriday’s parking lot, exchange information, and that would be that.  I turned into the parking lot and watched as the car kept right on going!!!  Are you kidding me?  My jaw literally hit the ground.  And then I thought to myself, “Oh no you don’t!”  I pulled back out into the road and took off after him.  Now, mind you, I work in a suburb of Atlanta and it was rush hour.  I looked to my left to see if I could get into the road…and there was NOTHING coming!  I couldn’t believe it; it was a sign that I was doing the right thing for sure!  A small truck got between us, so I thought that I had lost him.  If he had stayed right where he was and gone straight, I would not have caught him.  And he was definitely speeding off, trying to get away.  He made a sharp right turn onto a short road that cuts through between two main roads, and that was his biggest mistake…I caught up to him and the next red light!  I was right behind him and quickly wrote down his complete  license plate number.  I was so excited!  He made the next right and sped off down the road.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot and dialed 911 on my cell phone.  I was shaking like a leaf; adrenaline will do that to you! The 911 operator calmly took my information and said an officer would be there to make a report shortly.  We all know what that means, rigtht?  🙂 I called my husband, Scott, and he came over to talk to the police with me.  The officer did get there but it took about 45 minutes.  I think he was rather excited that I got the full license plate and a good description of the car.  His exact words were “I love to hear this!”

I have notified our insurance company and am waiting to hear from the police what happens.  I have the case # and can call any time to find out the status of things.  Let’s hope that the good guy comes out on top this time!

2 thoughts on “Hit & Run…I Think NOT!

  1. Sweet! I certainly hope that they throw the book at the jerk that hit you. Hit and Run is a serious offense and he’ll have a very hard time getting out of it.

    If you got a good look at the driver I hope you gave that info to the police as well, that way he can’t try the “I lent my car to a friend” tactic. Course, that is usually followed up with the cop saying “Really? What’s the friend’s name?”

    And then he’s back to square one.

    • Hi Instinct,

      Unfortunately nothing came of it. They found the guy, but he/they said it was “old damage” to his car and they wouldn’t pursue it. Sucks. I was so excited that “the good guy” might have won out one time, but it was not to be!

      Thanks for the comment too!


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