No Cake for Me!

Finally!  After years and years of my Mom making a cake for me on my birthday, I’ve gotten her to stop!  Yes, you heard me correctly…I said stop!  Mom has always made me a cake, probably since I was a year old.  All was well until I reached the age of about 31; after that, I just didn’t need a cake any more.  But Mom kept making them: pound cake, chocolate cake, regular cake with chocolate icing, my favorite: strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, etc., etc., etc.  After I got married, the cakes kept coming.  It finally got to the point that I wrapped up the remainder of the cake and quietly took it home.  We might eat it or I might take it to work or I might send it to work with Scott or I might actually just throw it away so the temptation wouldn’t be there! I loved the fact that she made me a cake, but all in all, it was a waste of her time and money and put WAY too much temptation in front of me.  Finally, at the age of 46, she didn’t make me a cake!  Yeah Mom!  I know you love me without a cake to say it!


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