Getting Older Sucks…

in oh so many ways.  I mean, yes, our bodies start aching and hurting and you have to have all kinds of regular “tests” to make sure you haven’t gotten cancer in some part of your body.  All that’s bad enough.  But I’m now at the stage of my life where my friends’ parents have started “passing away,” “going home,” “to meet the Lord”…in other words, dying…”kicking the bucket,” “going to meet their maker.”  This is the part I really don’t like.  When my grandparents died, it was sad.  But I was still young enough that it didn’t bother me, it didn’t make me feel my own mortality.

 Now, though, it’s a different story.  I’ve had two high school friends whose dads have died within the past 2 months.  Both men that I grew up around and knew, one particularly well. Now they are gone.  Even though they were 84 and 74, both passed unexpectedly.  What does this mean for me?  Unfortunately it makes me realize that I will not be able to have my parents forever.  There will come a day that they either unexpectedly pass away too from something like a stroke or a heart attack, or perhaps they’ll live a good long life until they simply die from old age. Either way, I know that my view on the world will be forever skewed at that point in time. No parents for me means that I am next on the chain of life. I suddenly become the oldest and start moving toward that inevitable day that my nieces will look at me and realize I could go any time.

The good thing about all this is that I know what happens after I “pass away.” I know that loved ones remaining will be sad; I, however, will be in a different place…a place of no pain and no sorrow. A place with the Lord who loves me and has prepared a place for me. My final and forever home, of that I am assured and take great comfort in.  Even though right now getting older still sucks.

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