I know spring is upon us when the daffodils start blooming. Every year when I see my first daffodils, it’s like a little ray of sunshine warms my soul. Daffodils are my birthday month flower so maybe that’s why I’m particular to them. What’s more likely is that because my grandmother (Mama Nan) had a yard full of them, they hold a special place in my heart.  I can remember walking around the yard in springtime and Mama Nan telling me the names of the different kinds of daffodils. I can’t remember them all, but my favorites have always been the double bloom variety. One in particular is called “Butter & Eggs.” Or at least that’s what I remember Mama Nan telling  me.

Now the other flowers are starting to come out too, slowly but surely, but the daffodils are the first heralds of spring to me!

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