The Holidays 2011

So, since my September post, things have not gotten much better. My migraines continue to plague me and Scott’s diagnosis of Epstein Barr sometimes hits him full force and just takes him down. On September 19th, his mother was admitted to the hospital with a UTI and after a very long, protected process where things spiraled ever downward, she passed away on November 22, five days after her 89th birthday and two days before Thanksgiving. She was in a wonderful hospice where she was able to pass peacefully with her children by her side. Needless to say, this has caused stress, regardless of the fact that at the end it was a celebration of a life well lived.

I now look forward to bladder surgery to hopefully give relief from a situation called Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome which is linked to things like chronic pelvic pain  (which I deal with on a daily basis) and migraines. Hmmmm…could simply stretching the bladder help all this? I’m willing to take the chance on December 20th since it’s a short, out-patient procedure. Please pray that this helps all these debilitating problems right now.

My wonderful Scott is dealing with his mom’s death better than could be expected, and we have moved on to things like cleaning out the house and all that someone dying entails.

I am not a holiday person; I’m a very scheduled person so the holidays make me sort of blue and depressed. I have moments of pure joy and enjoyment from them, but by the New Year, I am ready to go back to work and have a schedule. I know…I’m weird, right?!

This year, unfortunately because of Scott’s mom’s passing, we will be spending the whole Christmas holiday with my family in SC, something I haven’t done since before marrying Scott and he’s never actually done it. Please pray that we don’t kill each other before the end of it!  LOL…just kidding! It’s something I’m looking forward to greatly!

Holidays are meant for family and to be enjoyed, and I intend to try with all my might to do that this year with the good Lord’s help. Thank you God for sending your Son on that cold night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago so that we could have everlasting life. If we all remember what Christmas is all about, maybe more joy will be had and people will slow down to look around and enjoy the blessings they have. There are always those who are worse off than you, always. Today I am thankful for a family who loves me and Scott, and would do anything to help us. We feel the same way and send you all CHRISTMAS greetings during this most wonderful time of the year!

Much Love,

Lisa and Scott

4 thoughts on “The Holidays 2011

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I had the bladder stretching done in Oct. I was in extreme pain for 2 wks afterwards.but the possibility of having 3-6 pain free months motivated me to try it. It didn’t work for me as I would have liked and I don’t notice a difference. Some people have alot of luck with this procedure. I pray you are one of them.

    • Ms Peebody…just seeing this comment…so sorry! I, like you, did not get any relief from the bladder stretching. In fact, like you, I was in a lot of discomfort for two or so weeks afterwards with the healing process. It hurt to pee for at least two weeks! No warning from the doctor about that! I am now on Elmiron to see if that will repair my bladder lining. I think I am just phasing out of a flare because it takes the Elmiron at 6 months – 1 year to work and it’s only been about 6 weeks. I go see my urologist again on Friday but am thinking of changing to a woman urologist who deals with IC specifically. Hope you are feeling better. My chronic pelvic pain is the worst part of all this for me. Between IC and pevic adhesions from several abdominal surgeries, it may be something I must learn to live with. Do you have the chronic pelvic pain also?

      • Hi Otessa,

        Now it’s my turn to apologize as I just saw your comment. Yes, I had severe pelvic pain. It’s been helped quite a bit by a physical therapist I see who knows how to treat pelvic pain. I changed to a woman urogyno and I really like her. Did you find a dr you feel more comfortable with?

  2. Ms Peebody…SO sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I am now in pain management, which I fought for a very long time, but my pelvic/back pain has now turned into involvement with my nerves down my legs. I have an EEG for my back scheduled for this coming Friday. I talked to my pain management PA and told her that my worst fear was that they would find nothing wrong with me. An MRI showed minimal degenerative arthritis in my lower lumbar, but nothing that should be causing the pain I’m in. She looked at me and said…”that’s what we’re here for!” She also encouraged me to bring my husbasnd to the next appt since he basically thinks I must just “learn to live with it.” I’m on Lortab 3x/day, a muscle relaxor at night along with 600 mg Neurontin, and then 300 mg more of Neurontin 2x during the day. So far, I honestly can’t tell much difference.

    My EEG is this Friday and then my next pain appt is 1/10. Hopefully if they find something on the EEG we will know how to proceed. The good part is that when I needed more Lortab on my 2nd appt, I didn’t have to beg for it. The PA actually asked me if we upped it to 3x a day if I’d get more relief. I told her yes and she did it, no questions asked. I hate having to do this, but the Lortab helps me more than anything. My husband does NOT want me on the Neurontin or the Lortab but it’s my body and my pain, right?

    My IC is the least of my pain problems at the moment…LOL!

    Hope you are doing better…let me know!

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