There’s No Place Like Home

So I realized I never gave anyone an update on my MRI and visit with the surgical oncologist yesterday! My bad! I had my MRI early Friday morning. Not unpleasant, just uncomfortable the way you have to lay…and be still. At 12:15 p.m. I had had my first visit with the oncologist. My sweet sister, Jane, came down from SC to go with me and my husband, Scott. The update for all my wonderful friends and family who have been praying for me. MRI was long and tedious. Surgeon’s appointment was good actually. The MRI showed a third area that he thinks is hematoma from the other biopsies, but he wants to be sure so I have to have another core needle biopsy on that next week. The place that they know is cancer is like.08 centimeters so pretty small. So, based on all he’s seeing and my exam, he said he would be surprised if this was any more than Stage 1. I will have to have my lymph nodes tested for sure though because it’s invasive ductal carcinoma which can easily spread. They do that during surgery. So best case scenario, lumpectomy with lymph node removal, followed by radiation. Actually pretty good news all the way around considering its cancer. I liked him also so that helped!

After the doctor visit I came home to SC with Jane. I need family time. My family is everything to me, and their support is a must in my life, always and especially now. I’ve had such a great time here in my hometown and Clemson and at my sister’s house. Friday night we simply chilled out, relaxed and talked. Just the girls: me, my Mom, Jane and my niece Victoria. What fun! This morning we got up and made the rounds. First to Mom’s house to see my stepdad, Pop, and visit for awhile. Pop gave me two aloe plants to help with the radiation burns should I need them. Then, off to Clemson we go because I needed some “BYOG” materials! Magnets for the car, Clemson flag and a t-shirt. And then of course I had to have an orange Yeti cooler. 😉

After that, McDonald’s for the niece…she’s only 8 so she was hungry! LOL! Then back to Pendleton to see my favorite pharmacist, Greg Bauld, at CVS in Pendleton, formerly known as Revco. What a great visit! My nerves have so calmed down after the surgical oncologist visit yesterday and being home this weekend. I miss it so much!

Finally, the grocery store and back to Jane’s house. The best part of the evening? A visit from my old college roommate, Lucynda Worthington Moore! Lucy is also a breast cancer survivor and she gifted me with her survivor bracelet. I will treasure it until I pass it on to someone else who needs it more than me. Lucy stayed and watched the Clemson game, and ate dinner with us. I am so thankful for longtime, wonderful friends who make life easier in times like this.

Tomorrow is another day. I get to see my Dad, and then go home to see my wonderful husband Scott again. I miss him but I really needed this time where I will always consider home, Pendleton/Clemson. There’s no place like it in the world. Nowhere. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.


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