I’ve had such a crazy year health-wise, but God has gotten me through it. And I face yet more challenges ahead. Last week I could not concentrate at work for anything. The unknown was looming and I needed answers. Now that we have a plan of action and I know how things may turn out, God has blessed me with a great peace of mind.

I was just texting with my Mom. I spent the weekend at home in SC which I haven’t done in a long time. How healing it was! The hectic life of living in a big city like Atlanta wears you out on any day, but add in the issues I’ve had all year and more on the horizon and it’s just overwhelming. But now, not so much. Mom and I were talking about how blessed we are for me to have the support not only of a large, loving, extended family but also wonderful friends, friends of friends, and a hometown community that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I don’t understand how those who have to go through things like I’ve been through and am facing do it without faith in God and the assurance that, no matter what, all will be well.

An old friend told me last week that she wanted to pray for specific things for me, and on that day she decided to pray for God to grant me restful sleep with peaceful dreams. There’s no doubt in my mind that God was speaking to her because I had not mentioned that I was having trouble sleeping and “turning my brain off,” as my husband says. And you know what, I have been sleeping a bit better. Why are we surprised when God answers our prayers? We pray for it, we claim it in Jesus’ name and He answers those prayers. I’ve learned to claim my blessings, from getting the new job I dearly wanted to having peace of mind about all that’s going on in my life. And God has answered my prayers and claims of blessings. He is a mighty God and all He asks is that we believe that He sent His son to pay for our sins on that cross so many years ago.

It’s dawned on me that this obstacle in my life is a huge chance to witness to others with my life and how I face this challenge. I accept that challenge whole-heartedly now! My God will never leave nor forsake me, and the least I can do is tell others how I’m handling these challenges. I hope I can hold my head high and be a good and faithful witness for my Lord and Savior.

Many people who read this may not understand. If you don’t, I’m glad to discuss it with you via email or even on the phone if that’s what you need. I’m putting myself out there, sins, blemishes and all…I need your prayers and if you need mine, all you have to do is ask.


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